About the project

The market for organic agricultural products is the fastest growing segment of the European agriculture products market, even in times of economic crisis. Because of the growing environmental consciousness of European consumers this trend is set to continue in the foreseeable future.

The European Union has chosen to promote organic agriculture because of its recognized environmental (biodiversity, climate, animal welfare) and social (rural development) benefits. The lack of organic agriculture vocational training in many countries, including Macedonia, is one of the major obstacles in realizing this aim and therefore in enabling agriculture producers in these countries to benefit from this global growth trend.

Objectives of the GreenPOP project:

The goal of the GreenPOP Project is to enable VET Providers in Macedonia to deliver innovative training programs and courses for sustainable (organic) agriculture with focus on practical (on-farm) training for:

  1. Students from agriculture VET schools (from year 2, 3 and 4) as future farmers/employees, but also
  2. Develop vocational short modular courses for agriculture entrepreneurs/farmers/workers.

The project will enable delivery of the courses through capacity building of the teachers/trainers and potential work-mentors/organic farmers using innovative model of work placements for the learners.

The objective is to create an operational and accredited (verified) vocational education program in terms of lifelong learning modular courses for organic agriculture in Macedonia, implemented by trained and experienced educational staff.


The project will use a comparative approaches methodology with each partner testing the approaches to learning and agriculture development based on experiential learning practice. It will also take a social action approach, making use of the input from learners, experts and stakeholders and testing learning competencies and tools in real-life situations.