The expected results from GreenPOP Project implementation period (2014-2017) are:

1. Survey (inventories). A comprehensive document (Report) consisting data of organic agriculture production and education in Macedonia, as well as an assessment of the training needs.
Open O1-A1 Survey report FIN

2. Developed curricula for lifelong learning purposes for organic production modular courses. The document will contain description of the curriculum matching the national educational requirements with possible variations and specializations.
Open O2-A1 Vet students program for practice FIN
Open O2-A2 Short Courses Modular Training Program FIN

3. Developed and implemented Trainings for Teachers/Trainers and Work-Mentors. The 2 types of short term trainings (teaching activities) will put in place.

A) Training of Trainers (teachers)
Open O2-A6 ToT Training and report ENG FIN
Open O3-A2 Training Manual for entrepreneurs FIN
Open C1 REPORT GreenPOP_TOT Valladolid May 2016 FIN

B) Training of Work-Mentors (a selected prospective organic farmers/managers)
Open O2-A7 Training for workmentors MK FIN
Open O3-A1 Training Manual for VET Students’ practice ENG FIN

4. Piloting of the program. The developed curriculum will be tested for the two target groups:

– Testing the model for students from the partner VET Schools in Macedonia through placement of students at workplace (On organic Farm)
Open O2-A3 Piloting report VET Students МК FIN

– Testing the short-courses modular training Program for existing and future organic farmers in Macedonia
Open O2-A4 Piloting report SHORT COURSES MK FIN

5. Dissemination actions. Activities that will lead to presentation of the GreenPOP Project model outcomes to the potential users in Macedonia, but also inform and generate interest from other EU/Erasmus Countries.
Open E1-B1 REPORT GreenPOP_Mid-Term Seminar February 2016 FIN

6. Partner meetings. It is foreseen 7 partnership meetings in total.