The project partners were chosen:

a) to provide a diversity of locations and situations where different approaches can be researched and tested and with different cultural and methodological approaches to agricultural and economic development; and

b) to provide the necessary range of competencies through academic and curriculum development, organic agriculture development, agricultural educational, scientific and marketing expertise, and expertise in entrepreneurship and farm development.

1. Project Leader

image007Foundation Agro-Centre for Education (FACE) – Macedonia

Responsible person: Mr. Ljupcho Toshev – Executive Director

2. Project Partner

image009International Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture Training (IFSAT) – The Netherlands

Responsible person: Mr.Bas Timmers – Director

3. Project Partner

image013Akureyri Comprehensive College/ Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri (VMA) – Island

Responsible Person: Mr. Jóhannes Árnason – International coordinator

4. Project Partner

image011Nevares Institute of Agrarian Enterpreuners/ Instituto Nevares de Empresarios Agrarios

(INEA) – Spain

Responsible Person: Mr. Félix Revilla – Professor and Director of INEA

5. Project Partner

image015Balkan Biocert Skopje

Responsible Person: Mrs. Valentina Kolar Jovanovska – Manager

6. Project Partner

image017Secondary School of City of Skopje “Brakja Miladinovci” – Skopje

Responsible Person: Mrs. Jana Stanoeska – Deputy Director

7. Project Partner

image019School of Secondary education “Kocho Racin”-Sveti Nikole

Responsible Person: Igorche Nikolov – Teacher-Coordinator